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New Tire Rotation Method

Why pay an arm and a leg to a thieving mechanic for a simple job? Round up a few buddies and treat them to a cold one afterwards. :slight_smile:


Nice. I don’t think this method could be implemented in a shop, though. OSHA would not approve.

I thought that’s the everyone did it.

But, my buddies know I haven’t got a single beer in the house :frowning:


thieving mechanic?

Hmmm…Assuming that this video was not Photoshopped (or whatever you call it when you alter a video recording), I wonder whether the engine’s oil pickup was sucking air at any point, and if so–for how long.

Also, the right side wheel bearings and tire belts must have been in really great shape after this stunt.

I would say that the title, “Crazy Saudi” says it all.

Big Deal !
It’s The Desert, Dry, Flat As A Pancake, Straight Roads, And Look How Clean That Truck Is On The Bottom ! I’d Like To See Them Try That Here In My Neck Of The Woods . . .

. . . With all the @$#^&! salt that’s dumped on the roads here, they’d fall right through a rusted runningboard, the lugs would be rusted on , the wheels would be rusted on (They would need a generator and compressor and hoses), they’d have problems with the icy roads, hills, curves, and pot holes, traffic, speed limits, deer, frozen fingers, State Police . . .

. . . You’d see them at the thieving mechanic, paying to have this done, like everbody else around here. That’s why you don’t see that around here.