A man's truck was stolen while he was robbing a store

This one cracked me up, and had to share! Upon closer inspection of video from the tavern, police discovered that Kelley had driven to the location that morning, then went into a business across the street to steal items.

“His truck was stolen as he was stealing items,” police said. “He was booked for burglary.”

Kelley’s vehicle has still not been located, and police asked the public for assistance identifying the car thief.


Yeah you have to have some sympathy. Jus’ try’n ta get by.

Reminded me though a local story a few years ago. I know I told it before and the exact details are fading. At any rate a guy was selling some drugs at the truck stop and the buyer stole the drugs instead of paying him. The seller got mad and called the police to have the buyer arrested. Yeah the seller got arrested. Easy way to fill the monthly quota.

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Justice of the “what goes around comes around” variety … lol …

Reminds me of the time when I was a college student. I was in the college library studying for an exam, and another student was blasting his radio. Hard to believe this would happen in a library study room, so while I could accommodate some music, not quite this loud. I asked him to reduce the volume a little. He said “no way, I like my music loud, and you’re not my boss anyway”. So n response he turned it up really loud, full volume, loud enough to blast across the entire room. This unfortunately for him was loud enough the library staff could hear it down the hall, so they came in, looked around, said “you again?”, and threw him out of the library … lol …


I was at a quiet little state park campground in the Adirondacks almost 50 years ago. No electric hookups an no boat motors allowed on the lake. Quiet hours were 10pm to 6am.

It was after supper and I was taking apart my coleman stove to remove soot from the generator coil. A large motor home pulled into the spot right next to me and when they shut off the motor home they started their generator. After it ran for about an hour a man came out of the motor home and I asked him how long he was going to run the generator. He replied All night, we have a poker game going on .

I informed him of the quiet hour regulations and he said he didn’t care. Normally I would have reported him to the Park Ranger but this campground was too small to have one.

I picked up the 4" Crescent wrench I was using on the Coleman stove and pointed it at his generator and said, At 10:05 I am going to pull the drain plug on that generator.

It was a quiet night and they left the next morning.

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My coleman stove was white gas, got to look up one with a generator coil I guess. Reminding me of a camping with buds, there was a really unskinny lady camping next to us we had noticed, about 2 am we hear this screaming, my air mattress went flat, I said it didn’t go flat it was a blowout, gawd we just could not stop laughing, breaking the noise ordinance I am sure. PS I did not say it loud enough she could hear me.


The generator on a white gas Coleman stove is the wire coil inside the metal tube that leads from the fuel tank to the burner and it is what turns the liquid gasoline into a gas for the nice clean flame, They get sooted up and have to be either replaced or wire brushed clean. I have a model “C” stove from the 1940s and it uses a larger diameter coil than the model “D” or later. That coil is no longer available so I have had to convert my stove to propane.

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Sorry. The first time we went camping a friend loaned us their camper. It was one of those orange jobs and really was a piece of junk (I think it was a Bethany or something). Just a box that popped up but we wanted to see if we liked it. We camped at the Jellystone in Wis Dells. Next to us a huge motor home pulled in. Our son was about 4 years old then I think and a friendly type so he made friends with the guy and got a tour of his camper. Turned out it was Roger Kemp who owned the Kemp Dairies in the Twin Cities. At any rate the kid invited us to tour Roger’s motor home, then he said “hey Roger, want to see ours?” Yeah we were a little embarrassed but Roger was a good sport and admired that piece of junk we had. When we got home we bought our own.

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The first tent camper I was in was a Bethany Teepee. It has a large fiberglass top thet was hinged on one side and was quite cozy inside as long as the slanted top was turned to the wind and rain. It was easier to set up than the one I bought that had a top that cranked straight up. You could always get it up but getting it down was a bear unless it was perfectly level.
We took a lot of trips where my wife and I just slept in our Plymouth minivan with air mattress and sleeping bags. We had totes with a Coleman stove and small propane grille, food and dishes etc and two suitcases for when we hit a motel,also a kerosene lantern. I have a Coleman lantern but find it too bright and glaring. I am not at all afraid of the dark. One of my biggest disappointments was camping in Yellowstone where most of the trailers and motor homes left outside lights on all night so you could barely see the stars. I much prefer non-electrified forest service campgrounds where you sometimes can’t see another campground from yours.

We were coming back from Nova Scotia Via the catamaran car ferry they ran for a while to Bar Harbor and decided to stay one night in Acadia NP at Black Woods campground.

We were making a last trio to the restroom before turning in when another camper started making fun of my kerosene lantern. He was saying it was such an antique that I must have stolen it from a museum. I told him Yeah, it’s old, but at least I’m nor stumbling around in the dark like you.