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Best tires & wheels for a 1953 gmc pickup

My 53 gmc has original style suspension (old school), motor and driveline. It currently has 20in commercial delivery truck tires and wheels on it. The ride is rough (I know outs a 53) the speedometer useless and handling bad. I see a lot of crazy wheels out there. SUVs with large alloy rims and low profile tires ( are the planning of going or a speedway?). What would be a good combo for around town, range of weather driving? I have a light load most of the time but do load it down on occation with firewood and trips to the dump.

The smaller the rim, the taller the tire and the more it’s able to absorb road harshness. Without getting a measuring tool, I can’t really recommend a rim/tire size for the vehicle.

In your case, finding smaller wheels with the correct bolt pattern and hole size might be difficult. I mean, it’s 57 years old…

I suggest you look for a Chevy/GMC pickup forum, lots of folks are crazy about these and will have specific advice for you. Us ‘generalists’ don’t have much experience with '53s…

It isn’t clear which vehicle you have, but some commercial vehicles of the era used 20" commercial tires and wheels. Is that what they are?

Perhaps a visit to Coker Tire’s web site will help you clear some of this up.