75 Chevy 1-Ton Truck: 8-Lug Wheel Search or Replace Axles


Im trying to do someone a favor by locating tires and wheels for the above-vehicle. They are retired and on a strict budget. They need an extra rim and 16.5 inch tires.

I explored the option of switching their axle over to Salvage-Yard axle that provides a standard 5-bolt lug pattern, but have been advised that it could cost hundreds or thousands more cus I would have to replace many other additional parts such as the suspension, respectively.

If I go with replacing existing parts, where besides hunting through salvage yards might I find new or used tires and wheels for this truck nationally? (ebay excluded)


16.5" tires are becoming very scarce. The rims have probably dissappeared altogether.

Your best bet is to either convert the entire vehicle to 16"


Find a junkyard that has the rims and hope you can find tires inexpensively.


Like I said, I was told conversion was cost prohibitive. If you disagree, please describe everything that must be replaced. My understanding is that simply changing the front and rear axles is not enough. Also, on a 1975, would a 1/2 ton axle even fit on a 1-ton without converting?


What he is saying is replace the 8-lug 16.5in wheels, with 8-lug 16in wheels. No need to change axles. You can buy any 16in wheels from the 80’s vintage Chevy 1 tons or 3/4 ton (and many others for that matter)and they and they will fit. Junk yards sell them cheap.

If the truck has dual rear wheels then make sure you buy wheels from a dual rear wheel truck to get the right backspacing.


It takes 9.50 R 16.5 LT Tires. Its single rear axle. The cheapest new tire replacement is about $120 each (Yokohama). He needs all four, plus a spare would help. I understand if he changed to 16 in he could more easily get tires (new) but havent seen many 16’s at my local salvage yards. If they were 15 inch wheels, it might cost half that or less and could easily find them in salvage. In spite of the initial cost, I think the old-guy is better off with the latter because he has physical trouble getting around as it is and doesnt need extra hassels and expense finding special replacement tires. His truck has been in his driveway over a year due to this issue.

So, again, can just the axles be replaced, or is much more required?


You don’t say where you live, but take a look at Nebraska Tire. $76.99 plus shipping gets you a blem in the exact correct size. I would also ask them about getting a fifth wheel at the same time.


Absolutely. Converting this rig to 5 or 6 lug will not only diminish the load capacity, but it’s way more expensive than simply doing as Loafer suggested and buying 16" wheels in the right bolt pattern. I doubt that you would be able to find axle shafts for the axle of this rig in less than 8 lug, anyway.


Try Kansas City Craigs list. Wheels and tires for $50. No point making life hard on yourself. What can it cost to ship or pick up?