215/60r16 tires vs. 205/60r16 tires

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I just got a 2006 chevy malibu maxx and I have a 2006 ford fusion I’m going to junk. The tires on my ford are fairly new while the ones on the chevy are pretty worn. I’d like to know if it safe for me to put the ford tires (205/60r16) on the chevy (215/60r16)?
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Look at the door decal for the information.

Not only does it provide the recommended tire pressure(s), but it also provides the recommended tire sizes from the manufacturer.

If it’s not listed, it’s anybody’s guess.


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The owner’s manual is another source for optional tire sizes.

They would probably fit and be ok, BUT

The cost of having 8 tires dis-mounted,
And 4 tires mounted and balanced, could cost more than buying new tires.

You’re going down a size, so they might not have enough of a load capacity, you’ll need to check.

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Going down in size is definitely going down in load carrying capacity. Not a good choice.

Not to mention the cost.

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Thanks everyone! Ya’ll have been great help =)

Where do you buy tires from where either

A) cost of tires is extremely cheap


B) Cost of mounting and balancing is extremely expensive.

Mounting and balancing tires around here is about $30/tire. One new tire from a decent manufacturer is going to cost over $100.

The 205/60 R -16 will probably be fine. But I’d check to make sure. Places like Tirerack usually has a listing of alternate sizes that fit.

I’d compare the load rating of the two sizes. The narrower ones will be less. Decide if it’s too much less, based on the heaviest load you will carry.

I went slightly narrower than OEM when I bought Michelin winter tires for my Honda. The car is never loaded anywhere near its engineered capacity so it was a safe choice.

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With the normal driving one of our vehicle gets I might use the smaller tires myself. But I was trying to figure out how I might make the exchange . Do I take both vehicles to the tire shop and leave them , do I take 1 tire from each vehicle and use the temporary spare on one to go there and back 4 times or do I have both vehicles on jacks and have a friend with a pickup take all 8 tires to the shop .

It will be interesting if we find out what the person did.