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Tire pressure sensor vs. key fob

08 Volvo XC70 has the remote tire pressure monitoring system, recently with the change of season the cold air tripped the system because naturally the pressure was down. In the process of getting air the key fob would not remotely unlock the doors, after the tires serviced fob worked. Few days later low tire pressure light on again and fob again won’t work. Spare fob didn’t work as well and both got new batteries in July. Once again tires serviced and fob works. This is happening to my Ex and I’m trying to help via the phone and Internet. I don’t have any manuals for her car and I cannot find anything on the web with regards to this issue. I see no tie between the two systems so I told her cheapest is new fob batteries.

get the owner’s manual here:

If she maintained her tires properly, this situation would never occur except in the rare event of a leaking tire. Although I normally like to fix all problems on my cars, this is one that I honestly wouldn’t bother fixing, especially considering that it’s most likely some electrical glitch that will be hard to find and fix.