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2012 Hyundai Veracruz - TPMS

My TPMS warning light seems to go on then off as I’m driving long distances but everytime I check my tire pressure nothing is wrong. Any ideas?

I’m not familiar with your car, but many cars have one light for a low tire and a different light for a TPMS malfunction. Do you know which this is?

In the meantime, check your spare tire pressure, as some cars have a sensor in there too.

Check the spare tire pressure too.

Yes it is the TPMS light that keeps coming on then turning off. Will check the spare tire, thanks for the suggestions. Also could it be a sensor under the car that is dirty of out of adjustment? Thanks again.

The tire pressure sensors are in the tire and the battery life span is something like 6 to ten years. The really dumb question is are you setting the tire pressure by the label on the door jamb ? The sensors will also light up if pressure is too high.

I have a similar problem on my 2010 Cobalt. One tire sensor or its battery is going bad. The readout for the tire will jump around from 0 PSI to 33 PSI (actual tire pressure) and in between. When the reported tire pressure drops low enough, the TPMS warning light will appear.

If you can display individual tire pressures, then see if the pressure is dropping on one or more of the tires when the TPMS light appears.

Ed B.

I look at the door pressure and the tire pressure and fill accordingly. Taking it in next week for a tune up will talk about the battery issue.

The pressure on the tires and door are usually the same.

If it is just one of the sensors has a weak battery, sometimes repositioning that tire to a different corner will cure the dash light problem, at least for a while.