Tire Pressure Sensor - '07 Jeep Cherokee (or all Chrysler?)

We bought our Cherokee a few months ago and the tire pressure dash light has been going off sporadically ever since. The weather has varied from 80 degrees to 20 degrees but this doesn’t seem to affect the sensor. We set the pressure according to the tag on the door, light kept going off, took it to the dealership and they told us about a +4 psi correction factor because of our altitude (Denver) and setting the pressure 4 psi higher doesn’t help either. The dealership was able to get an error message for one sensor and replaced it but - big surprise - the light keeps coming on. Maybe it’s a MOPAR thing - when we were picking up the Jeep, a guy was dropping off his Pacifica for the same problem. Any ideas???

Do like Tom & Ray. Use black electrical tape over the light on the dash.

There is no correction factor and you don’t have to add more pressure. 30 PSI at high altitude is the same as if you had 30 Psi at lower altitude. If you had a dead battery, they would tell you that the battery man isn’t in til Monday. It’s defective and so is the excuse. I wish they would stop putting things on cars when they don’t know how to make them. Wait until bad stability control systems start to send people off hilly roads. People will be terrified of driving in Ca. The coast is all hills. Let them try to fix the tire pressure warning light enough times to go for the lemon laws. You may want to check for the proper height of the Jeep.

Have you checked your owner’s manual to see if it has a procedure for reinitializing the system? My low tire pressure warning system in my tC is so doggoned sensitive that the owner’s manual says it needs to be reinitialized every time the tires are rotated. And I’ve found that it really does!

Having discovered the reinitializing requirement I second the checking that…I also assume that you have checked the spare. I also discovered that the new car spares trigger low pressures.

after a few trips it quit going off so I think it reset. funny how they give you the runaround when it’s warranty work…