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Multiple Electrical Failures

Hello Car Talk Community!
I am posting from Norway where Volvos cost twice what they do in the states but are only 1/16 of the distance! Go figure. Anyhow, I got a 2002 Volvo V70 and recently we had multiple failures which include Gas Gauge, Rear Door Locks, and Rear Windshield Wiper. Just stopped working.
I checked all the fuses that were able to be checked visually (the transparent ones) but this seems to be some kind of cluster that went out.
My Haines manual is no where to be found (kids probably are using it for cartoons) and I am at a loss. For now, we just reset the odometer after filling.
Any suggestions would be helpful. Please include specifics or links please!

Every person I know who has owned a Volvo hasn’t had it very long. Be it used or new.

As soon as they have a chance to get rid of it, they do.

If you wonder where Volvo’s get those round marks on their bodies? That’s where they’re touched with eleven foot poles!


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Sounds like a bad ground or body control module.

Unfortunately that does not help resolve my situation but I appreciate the remark.

OK great. That is a start. I’ll look into that.

If it was a bad ground, do you think corrosion could have caused that or would have it had to be a physical interaction like a hit to a part of the car.?

That’s usually the case. You can look for any wire connected to the body and clean up the connection. Without a diagram, it’s difficult.

You want help? We’re Americans. If you want help, better stick to

Where’s @volvo_v70 when you need him?

First check is the battery and charging system. When the engine is off the battery should measure around 12.6 volts. With the engine running, 13.5 to 16 volts. Even if this test checks out, disconnecting and cleaning the battery connectors of corrosion is worth a try. I suspect you are probably correct tho, one of the body control module functions is misbehaving.

Try this link and see if it helps:


That looks pretty good.
What has @MakerMig got to lose by trying it? I wonder where the REM (rear electronic module) fuse box is on this V70?

I’ll give this a try. I’m assuming the car is off when I do this.

That is a very real possibility, but–then again–every time that I had an electrical problem with my Volvo while it was under warranty, the dealership’s mantra was…“it seems like a bad ground, but we can’t locate it”.

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No need. We are just glad this forum was able to get you back on the road.

Well, I was on the road, I just didn’t know how far I could drive on that road without running out of gas! slight_smile:
Thank you again!

I’m curious. Where were the fuses, in the REM (rear electronic module) fuse box or just a regular old fuse box?

I think REM is the equivalent of the rear fuse box. So I just pulled off the top two (they are labeled 1 & 2) and sat in the car watching youtube videos for a few minutes, then stuck them back in and started the car up. I did this while the car was off. I think you need to pull them out for a couple of minutes to relieve the capacitors of any pent up energy.

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The winner is @kurtwm2010!

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I think if someone deserves Norwegian chocolate it is Carolyn, the forum manager, for putting up with all of us.