The ghost in my car... (system going haywire)

Hi all,

I am having a bizarre problem I’m not sure how to resolve for 2007 volvo s60. The first thing I noticed was the passenger side window not rolling up. It would roll up and even if I held the button for it to stay up, it would immediately roll back down

Airbag light went on, pulled codes, got opinion from Volvo dealer, replaced airbag sensor in car. Airbag light went off… and came back on.

Next, the trunk lid open warning would come on while driving - and the trunk lid was not open. Then the car alarm started going off randomly. Middle of the night while it sat parked, while driving, and there did not appear to be clear rhyme or reason. I suspected it was related to the trunk light but I goes off even without that. Now working on replacing alarm siren battery. (New battery is ordered.)

Now, the next day, I can’t lock and unlock doors. Only sometimes does the key fob work remotely, and when it doesn’t, I can manually use the key in the door or press down on the lock, and a a 1/2 a second later, it pops up. Unlocks itself. Sometimes the car will randomly lock itself as well.

Now the sunroof and console lights have failed. No longer works. Then the window started going up and down again.

This has all happened in a few days. I don’t know where to start. I’m suspecting it’s all connected to all happen close in time together. Suggestions? It’s an older car with about 164K miles but gently driven and well maintained.



Ah. That’s helpful! No BCM error codes, so that hadn’t been considered. Would it fail without triggering a code for it? If it’s not that, would another failure in the car with one of the other problems somehow trigger the others?


There may not be any BCM codes because the BCM itself is kaput.



Try new batteries in your fob. A low fob battery can do other funny things besides not opening the doors, i.e. windows and lids not working properly.