Tire alignment with independent suspension



I have a 2208 Honda CR-V with 43000 miles. We had the tires replaced at 25000 miles because of wear. We were told the alignment was causing wear on the rear tires when we tires rotated in August 2009 (about 29,000 miles) I have been told that this is a common problem with independent suspension vehicles and is due to “settling” as the car ages. The author of this advice was the guy who wanted to charge me for the alignment.

My question is, “Is this true for independent suspension vehicles?” Also, if this is true, at what point is the cost of alignments greater than the the cost of replacing the tires?


If you are wearing out tires, it’s time. It affects handling, too, not just expense. It should be $100 or less, so it’s already cheaper than a tire.


Can I borrow your time machine? I’d like to see what a Honda CRV looks like 200 years from now.


Your vehicle requires a “Four wheel alignment” done on a modern machine made for this purpose operated by a skilled technician…Anything less and things can quickly get worse, not better…


Well, all cars have independent front suspension, and most now have 4 wheel independent suspension. Nothing new, and I wouldn’t call the need for an alignment a problem, all cars need it on occasion, more to do with the wear and tear of driving, rather than ‘settling’.