2005 Honda Accord alignment issues

My husband’s 2005 Honda Accord seems to go through tires fairly quickly, and with uneven wear. He gets frequent alignments and rotations, but still has a problem. A mechanic told him that these cars were not factory supplied with “adjustable control arms” that would allow for proper alignment. I’ve found similar stories, but they all involve 2007 Honda Civics. Is this true, and is that the correct terminology for what is the problem? And should it cost nearly $500 to have these installed?

Have you visited more than one alignment capable shop? Does your husband drive in a manner that shortens the life of tires? Any non-factory adjustable alignment angle that is out enough to cause fast and severe tire wear is probably the result of damaged suspension components. Most any alignment angle can be adjusted with shims and or cam bolts, for way less than $500, but it sounds like you should get a second opinion.

FWIW, I have a 2005 Accord EX V6 with the OEM tires at about 55,000 miles. The wear is even and I’m pretty sure I should get at least 60,000 miles out of them. I say this to dispute the claim that proper alignment is not possible. How does Hubby drive? Does he drive over speed bumps, RR tracks, or pot holes too fast? That’s a quick way to mess the alignment up.