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Rear alignment 2008 CRV

Our 2008 CRV with 58,000 miles, has a passenger side rear wheel that is seriously out of camber, it tilts visibly inward at the top and there is significant wear on the inner tread of the tire. The Honda dealership quoted $2000 to repair and they admit that they don’t know which part is bent as they all look good. They will just replace parts until it is fixed. I looked at it too and the suspension parts all look fine nothing looks bent or worn at all.
There is an aftermarket kit to make the rear alignment adjustable, I wonder if that would be a possible fix. The car is currently at a second repair shop for another diagnosis.
Insurance will pay for the repair if it was caused by a pothole but if the repair is less than a grand I won’ t file a claim.
I have seen complaints on the CRV for rear camber issues.
Any ideas?



I have an '03 Civic that has the same problem, but to a lessor degree. I will put the aftermarket kit on it when the current tires get worn and need to be replaced.

You should get the price of the aftermarket kit. You might just run on the current tire and then put a used one on that wheel until you have more money to pay for the kit. My quote was about $150 for the part + 1 hour for labor.

I would recommend against an alignment kit. Something is bent, and when something is bent, it is weaker too. An alignment kit may correct the camber, but it won’t fix the weakness and that will lead to more problems.

It should not be that hard to find the defective part, but it might not be a bent part, it could be the upper strut mount. That is made of rubber and if the rubber has been ripped or torn, it could cause the camber to change dramatically. You sure do not want to mask this with an alignment kit.

The strut must be removed to check the upper mount, but that is not an expensive thing to do, not is it a $2000 job to replace it. Your dealer needs a new mechanic or they need to get their current mechanics trained. If nothing is obviously bent, that is what they should have looked at next, but if this was a free estimate, they wouldn’t drop the strut. You would have to pay a diagnostic fee for that, probably around $100 which might get refunded if repaired there.

I copied your post and forwarded it to the repair shop.