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2017 Honda CR-V tires wear prematurely

Tires wearing prematurely

I’m sorry to hear that. I would go to the dealership and have an alignment done and so they can check the other suspension components that could be causing an issue

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You did not say how many miles on these tires or if it is all city driving. It might even be normal wear and have you measured the tread ? I have seen some original equipment tires need replacing at 30000 miles.

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28,000. Mostly city/freeway driving.

Thats not unusual for tires to wear at this milage. Tire rotation might extend the life of your tires in case it wasn’t done.

City driving wears tires a lot faster than country driving. Most tire wear occurs in the cornering mode - and the harder the cornering, the faster the wear. So be gentle going around corners.

When shopping for new tires check Consumers Report and Tire Rack.
They will list various factors, tread wear, speed ration,traction, etc.
I live in Florida, so my primary concern is wet traction.
Tire selection is always juggling of factors. High traction tires may wear faster and/or are noisy. Long tread life may yield less traction.

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The OP did not tell us whether the tread on all of the tires is worn evenly, or if it differs from side to side of a tire, and from one tire to another. If the treads are worn evenly, then alignment will not help. On the other hand, if the treadwear is uneven, then failure to align the wheels and/or failure to maintain the correct tire pressure are likely culprits.

Additionally, the OP should take a look at the sidewall of those tires in order to see the treadwear rating that is embossed into the rubber. It will be a three-digit number, and it could range anywhere from… maybe… 300 to perhaps as high as 700 or 800. Unfortunately, most new cars nowadays come from the factory with tires whose treadwear rating is in the neighborhood of only 300, and those tires can usually be expected to need replacement by ~30k miles.

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Yes, all tires are a compromise.
Cost/tread wear/ride/traction (dry vs wet)/speed rating.
Then maintenance. Inflation/rotation/alignment
That’s why I suggested sources for research.