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'02 Honda CRV tire wear and unstable on highway?

My Honda wore out 2 of 4 new tires in 19,000 miles - completely bald. The tires (Goodyear Comfort) were rotated at about 9000 miles. Possibly related: feels like rear steer occurs at highway speed on uneven road. there is a clunking sound in the rear And of course the dealer says there is noting wrong with the suspension or drive train.

Have a 4 wheel alignment at an independant shop. Ask them to check differentials and for anything else that could lead to rapid tire wear.

I’m not familiar with Goodyear Comfort tires, but some tires wear much faster than others. Perhaps these are just not long lasting tires.

Thanks, alignment was done yesterday when the tires were renewed. The problem on uneven roads is still there. The suspension was checked but I will take your advise and have the differentials and the rest checked.

I appologize, the tires are Goodyear Assurance Comfort Tred. The tire wear is highly unusual for this tire: 80,000 mile treadwear warranty.

You did replace all 4 tires, right?

And the alignment was all 4 positions right? Did you get a print out?

Which two tires wore out? The front tires, the rear tires the right tires, or the left tires?

Check the owner’s manual for advice about replacing tires. You may have to replace all four on this 4WD CR-V.

I’d have someone other than the dealer check the alignment. I prefer independent alignment shops. For the Honda dealer it’s just a side line. For an independent it’s a living.

All 4 tires were replaced. I took it to a different Shop and they found stabilizer link loose in front, repaired that but problem persisted. They then re-checked allignment and found rear toe out 1 degree on one side (thus the rear steer for an AWD). Obviously 1st shop did not align the car as stated. Wife is happy…I am happy. I didn’t even know I had rear toe! Thanks everyone.

Thank you for keeping all of the responders informed about the results. One degree out is huge.

As to the first shop flat not doing the alignment that is not likely the case.
It could depend on whether a 2-wheel alignment or 4-wheel was asked for, miscommunication between the service desk and the alignment tech about which one it was supposed to get, or even the possibility of the alignment rack being out of spec.

Racks need to be recalibrated now and then. I worked for a large dealer and myself and a couple of other techs used to go round and round with the service manager about this issue.
The SM would insist the rack was fine and had allegedly been recalibrated but for those of us doing the alignments we did not buy it for one second.
Every car that went on that rack would show 1 degree positive camber on the right front wheel; even on cars that one could stand back and plainly eyeball the negative camber in it.