Changing timing belt

what other machanical parts shoud i be replacing when changing the timing belt

Water pump, serpentine belt, and all belt tensioners.

You should buy a whole kit for changing the timing belt, and it should come with things like a new tensioner pulley and anything else you would need. If your water pump is driven by the timing belt, it would be a good idea to replace to, but I only replace my water pump with every other timing belt kit.

Depending on mileage and if you’re going to keep the car for the long term, replacement of seals (camshaft, crank, etc.) may be a good idea.

I Say It Depends On Mileage And Age.

I’d go anywhere from a timing belt and tensioner to a timing belt, tensioner, tensioner pulley, idler pulley(s), water pump, gasket, coolant flush, crankshaft seal, camshaft seals on older higher miles vehicles.

I just did one and replaced virtually everything under that timing belt cover except the sprockets. I did the list above while I was in there. One idler pulley had a somewhat loose bearing. Better safe than sorry unless you like doing the job over.


there is a part call auto-tensioner, shoud i be replacing it

If it is for the timing belt - yes. The one for the serpentine belt can be left it it shows no sign of a problem. The difference is in the amount of labor required to get to one or the other. If your serpentine belt tension goes, then it is easy to access. The timing bely tensioner pulley is a whole different story.

Luis, What Model-Year Is This Acura MDX And How Many Miles Does It Have On It ?

this acura mdx is a 2001 with 105,800 miles