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Serpentine belt

The owner’s manual for my 2003 Camry says to replace the timing belt at 90,000 miles. The serpentine belt was replaced at 45,000 miles. Is this belt the same item?

no, the serpentine belt runs the accessories. the tming belt is required for the engine to actually run. If It is due, please replace it. You’ll save yourself a bunch of potential grief.

No. The serpentine belt drives all the accessories attached to the engine. IE: Power steering, airconditioning, alternator…etc.

The timing belt is located behind the front cover on the front of the engine. This is what keeps time between the pistons in the engine and the valves on the heads.


Note that when the timing belt is replaced, it’s also prudent to replace the serpentine belt too, since it has to be removed to do the job anyway.

At 90,000 miles it might be a good idea to replace the water pump too, as well as the tensioner.
The water pump is also behind the front cover, driven by the timing belt, and the everything that would need to be removed to replace the pump will already be removed. The pump itself is inexpensive, but the labor is intensive and costly should it fail. And, should the pump fail, it’ll take the timing belt too (timing belts do not do well once saturated with coolant), so you might as well do both.

+1 to the same mountainbike’s advice. As log as you are there get all that work done. And replace the coolant since it has to be drained to replace the water pump.

All advice above good. The only thing I’d add is to ask the Toyota service department if the 90K interfval is still recommended for your car. I think some of these recommended intervals for timing belts are being extended by the manufacturers.

Are you absolutely sure the timing belt has not been changed? Your owners manual says this is a 6 year, 90k interval, so it was due for a change in 2009. Timing belts are made of rubber and rubber deteriorates with time just as much as it does with miles. I’m surprised it hasn’t broken yet.

Only the V6 engine has a timing belt, the 4 cylinder has a chain that does not need to be changed.