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My Toyota Camry '90

After totalling my wonderful single owner Acura Legend (luckily with no harm to a daughter, 2 grandkids and me in the car and no one in the other cars), I bought a '90 Toyota Camry LE from a little old lady (really). However, it wasn’t just driven to church on Sundays but to schools for her to teach drama. So it had 94 K miles on it but was in perfect condition and still is. My mechanic is reccomending the replacement of the timing belt (Toyota, he says reccomends it at 90K) and, while in the engine, the fuel pump and another belt at an estimated $800. The car now has 98 K and we use it only in the winter for 6 months of light driving. Should I go with his suggestion?

If the timing belt hasn’t been replaced, then do it. And you mean water pump, not fuel pump, right? The water pump is usually replaced at the same time, it’s much easier (and should be cheaper) to do that way, when all the same parts have to be removed. I’d do the pump and belts, but you might check the car talk mechanic finder for other good ones in your area, get another estimate. Is this a 4cyl?

Yes, those things should be done. I think you meant to say “water pump” not “fuel pump.”

Yes also use stay-built fuel staybalizer in gas come spring time

Have the belt and water pump changed without delay. Age counts on elastometrics, and this belt has been living on borrowed time for years now.