Timing belt

i have a honda civic 2003 dx even thou it has 62000 miles on it , the manuel says change the timing belt 10/or 100000 miles if it a belt but if its a chain dont have to or so i think?

question how do i know if my civic 03 has a timing chain or belt what do i have to ask you guys on here

Take a look here:
Looks like you do not have a timing belt listed, so you should have a timing chain. It does not require periodic replacement.

ok thank you but i should get the plugs changed at 100000 miles or 10 years

You have a timing belt, my sis in law just had her changed out. I think interval is 100-105k miles.

Most Honda’s have belts and if they break, Ka-Ching, $3500…This is not the time for guesswork’ Read your owners manual and learn…

Or 7 years; OP needs to change the belt based on time elapsed.