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Honda 200 timing belt

I bought a Honda Civic 2000 last yr, with 150k miles on it and recently had it checked out. The mechanic said it was in god shape for its age and mileage (now 170k), and asked when the timing belt was changed. He said–I think–it should be changed at 105k.

Trouble is the used car dealer didn’t have a repair record.

Should I have it changed? Should it cost around $700, as the mechanic estimated?

Yes, get it changed.

I recently got my timing belt, belt tensioner, and water pump changed on my 1998 Civic for about $550 (with a 10% off coupon). Shop around. You might be able to get a better price.

My maintenance schedule says to change mine every 90,000 miles, but in a section of the owner’s manual, it mentions doing it every 60,000 miles. Either way, getting yours changed (along with the water pump and belt tensioner) is a good idea.

Also be prepared to spend a few extra bucks to replace the crank shaft seal if it is leaking oil.