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Honda 2006 Civic Timing belt or chain?

I have a 2006 Honda Civic and when is it recommended to change the timing belt or chain? I currently have 41000 miles on it. It is an automatic.

It Looks Like All Three Engine Options Utilize Chains. Replacement Is Not A Maintenance Consideration. Keep Your Oil Clean And That Chain Should Last A Lifetime - The Car’s, Not Your’s.

Thoroughly read your Owner’s Manual / Service Schedule, Particularly the bits about manintenance.


Chain, thankfully Honda realized consumers really despise those pesky $300-$900 bills every 100k. I just dropped on $300 on my Subaru for new timing belt/tensioner.

+1; assuming you’ve kept it with adequate oil and changed at least at the recommended intervals, it’ll be fine. Even the timing belts in older Hondas generally lasted at least 60,000 miles.