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Honda timing belts or chains?

Does anyone know if the 2006 Honda Civic has a timing belt or a timing chain? How about the '07 and '08 models?

I think after 2005 Honda went back to using a timing chain in the civics I can’t find any listing for timing belts after that

That’s good news, as I’m buying a 2006, and I understand chains don’t need the very expensive replacement every 60 or 70K miles. Thanks!

Consumers have wised up to timing BELTS and manufacturers are switching back to chains to prevent further loss of market share…

Clever of them. :slight_smile: Just one of those belt replacements was enough to cure me.

Actually, the sixth generation Civic only needs a new timing belt every 90,000 miles on the “severe service” maintenance schedule, and 105,000 miles for the normal maintenance schedule, not 60,000 or 70,000.

Well, that’s not so bad, then. I’ll have to read the manual once I actually get the car. Thanks for the info. So does the '06 have a belt after all?

I am pretty sure the 2006 Civic has a chain, not a belt, but personally, I don’t think having the belt changed every 90,000 miles is the big deal others make it out to be. On my Civic, timing belt jobs have cost me about $0.0047 per mile, and that includes the water pump and all of the other belts with every other timing belt job. Perhaps when you buy your car, it might be a good idea to prophylactically replace the water pump and belts every 180,000 miles or so. I would.

I think I can live with that. I may not live long enough to have to do it twice.

Better yet get your answers BEFORE you actually get the car ! Just to be sure.

Personally, I don’t like timing belts…

But there are a lot more things to be more concerned about than whether a car has a belt or a chain. Things like does that model/year have a history of cracking engine blocks? Has it been recalled 8 times?

If your answer to questions such as that is yes, then perhaps whether it uses a belt or a chain should be a lesser worry…