Honda Civic Si 2003 Timing Chain

I’ve gotten conflicting information from two Honda dealerships. My local mechanic and the Seattle Honda dealership say that the 2003 Honda Civic Si has a timing CHAIN. The dealership here in Missouri says my car has a timing belt and that at 107,000 miles (which is what I have on my car) I should spend the $800 to do the timing belt and other stuff.

Any advice? Anyone know a good website to download information about the engine and/or a list of recommended maintenance procedures at a given mileage?

The 1.7L engine has a belt, the 2.0L has a chain. I’m assuming the Si model has the larger engine.

What does your owner’s manual say about this? If the engine has a belt, there will be a recommended replacement interval in the maintenance schedule. If there is no mention of a cam drive belt replacement, then there isn’t one.

My 2000 Toyota Tacoma pick-up has an engine that uses a timing CHAIN. In the glove compartment there is a generalized scheduled maintenance brochure which specifies that at something like 90,000 miles the timing belt should be replaced, but there is no replacement interval I could find for replacing the CHAIN. Does that mean that a timing CHAIN (like a heavy-duty bicycle chain) only needs to be replaced if it breaks?

I understand that there are “interference” vs “noninterference” engines and if you have a noninterference engine, your timing belt can break and the engine will not be destroyed, while those poor people with “interference” engines. . . but I’m talking about a timing CHAIN.

It has a Chain. You have a K20 engine as found in the Acura RSX and other higher-end cars.

I know of no car or truck that has a designated change-out mileage for a timing CHAIN! I have replaced several over the years, and they give plenty of warning by getting noisy. If you change oil often enough a chain will last at least 200,000 miles before it gets noisy and should be replaced.

If you don’t change oil very often, count on about 170,000 miles or so when trouble (noise) starts. As others say, it’s like a heavy bicycle chain; they work best when kept oiled.

It sounds like the dealership in the “show me” state is trying to take advantage of you. Check your owner’s manual. Read it from cover to cover. You will not only find the answer to this question, but you will also learn lots of useful stuff about your car that will help you prevent being taken advantage of in the future.

Purchased new 03 civic si Aug. 03. The owners manual has no reference anywhere to a recommended interval for timing chain or timing belt replacement. Dealer where I bought the car advised timing belt, serpentine belt, and water pump replacement at 105,000 (I have 109,000 now) costing $800-$900.

From Honda USA official website frequently asked questions:

How often do I need to change the timing belt on my vehicle?
Depending on the model year of the vehicle, it is typically between 60,000 and 90,000 miles. If your vehicle has a timing chain, instead of a timing belt, replacement of the timing chain is not required. Refer to the Scheduled Maintenance section of the appropriate owner’s manual for specific information.

I called Honda USA customer service, they requested the VIN number, then ASSURED me I had a timing chain. Don’t get ripped off.