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Timing belt replacement cost

What is the competitive cost of replacing a timing belt on a 2006 Honda Accord?

We don’t know where you live, we don’t even know which engine you have in your Accord so we can’t even make a guess.

The site linked below should be helpful:

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Depends where you live and who you deal with. On a V6 this typically costs $1000 or so where I live. Such work would include replacing the water pump and tensioner.

No need to go to a dealer for this.

The only Honda engine with a timing belt is the 6-cyl. The 4-cyl had a timing chain. Honda actually had two V6 engines, one for light trucks and one for the Accord.

OP, this should be the second timing belt change on your car. By now, you may well have over 150,000 miles on it. I had a 2005 Accord EX V6 and had the belt changed at the dealer for $700. That included a new water pump, new serpentine belt, and new coolant. After 13 years and probably 150,000 miles or more, you need to have the tensioner, pulleys, and oil seals at least inspected and probably replaced. The lowest estimate I had 7 years ago was $1200 for that work. I live in Central Maryland, and prices might be a bit higher here than where you are, but expect to pay at least a couple hundred more than the prices above. I suggest you call a local dealer and ask for a price. I got mine over the phone, and went with the dealer because they were cheapest. They did good work, too.


Remember that you should not replace “only” the belt, though some shops and dealership service departments will do that if they “think” the tensioner and water pump are in decent condition. If either of these components fail to last for another 100,000 mile timing belt interval, your engine will be just as ruined as if the belt itself was never changed.

That being said, if you’re paying a professional mechanic to do the work, expect to spend about $1000. If you’re doing it yourself with parts purchased from one of the chain auto parts stores, expect to spend about $300. If you’re doing it yourself with parts purchased online from Amazon or Rock Auto, it will probably cost less than $200.

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