Timing Belt

I am told that after so many miles on my Honda Accord 2006 that I will need the timing Belt changed. At present time I have 52,500 miles, can anyone tell me anything about this?

The “I am told” theory of maintenance will cost you a lot of money eventually. Instead, open your owner’s manual and do what the people who built your car are telling you needs to be done. If you don’t replace your timing belt when it’s due (probably very soon), be prepared to unnecessarily spend thousands of dollars on an engine repair or replacement.

By the way, it’s common to replace the water pump preventatively when this is done, as the labor for that is essentially free. Many people replace the timing belt tensioner also.

Not just miles but years.

That information is spelled out very clearly in your owners manual.

Should be around 100k miles or 7 years (which ever comes first).

However…make sure you have a timing belt. On some of their vehicles Honda has switched back to a timing chain which should be fine to well past 250k miles.

Well, it is not “so many miles”, it is actually 105k miles.
The amount of elapsed time is also a factor, and IIRC, Honda specifies 8 years of elapsed time for replacement.

In other words, the timing belt should be replaced at 105k miles OR 8 years, whichever comes first.
Based on the age of your car and its current odometer mileage, it appears that you have a couple of years before this needs to be done.

But–why take my word for it, or the word of any other anonymous person on the 'net?
If you open your glove compartment, take out the Owner’s Manual, and turn to the section labeled Honda Maintenance Schedule, it will give you the “official” opinion on this topic, written by the folks who designed and built your car.

If you have never before consulted the mfr’s maintenance schedule, there could well be other vital maintenance issues that have never been attended to, so I strongly suggest that you spend some time poring over the maintenance schedule, and compare that to your service invoices (You DO save them, I hope!) in order to see what procedures might now be overdue.

If your Accord is a 4 cylinder it doesn’t have a timing belt. If it is a V-6 the recommendation is 60,000 miles for severe service and 105,000 for normal. Short trip driving in cold weather is considered severe service. If the belt breaks it will do so without any warning at all and destroy the engine.

Ah YES…The ACHILLES HEEL BELT YOU MEAN?..THAT is what they should call it, I say.

The gents have answered your question to perfection…I see a T-belt replacement occurring for you at 105K…It will make it there even if (dare I say it) it takes you a few more years than suggested to hit that mark Remember the factory manual is always on the conservative side, so don’t PANIC at 8 years and 80K miles. Just don’t wantonly go far beyond the manual, but there is a little wiggle room there. EDIT: However just follow the manual…WHat I’ve seen here and there is nothing to base your maintenance schedule on…I only listed it to let you know that it isnt like a Countdown timer heading twd immenent doom as soon as the mileage and or years req is met…But stay as close to the recommendation as possible…Your engine will thank you…

ALSO…If GSR Ragtop is correct we are just chatting at the water cooler ANywho…



I tend to agree with oldtimer and almost every car on the road meets the severe service requirement. Environmental conditions play a big part in belt life and my personal opinion is that 60k miles or 6 years is about the limit for trusting a rubber belt; especially on an interference fit engine.

Some good friends of mine bought a like new Honda Civic from the local Honda dealer and 2 weeks later the belt snapped on that car when they took off for Angel Fire, NM to do some snow skiiing. This left them in the western edge of the OK Panhandle (often referred to a No Man’s Land) and that car at the time was 4 years old with only 59k+ miles on it.
It took out every intake valve in the cylinder head and cost them in the 4 figures to bail it out of the small town Ford dealer there. (Said Ford dealer being the only shop within 40 miles.)

Again though as oldtimer says, if its a 4-cyl you have a chain… No need to change it… Only the Honda 6-cyls have belts after 2006