Time required to replace a heater blower?

How much time should a mechanic take when replacing a heater blower in 2004 Ford Focus SE?

You need to identify the vehicle to get any reasonable reply.

Maybe it is his “2004 Ford Focus SE” :slight_smile:

Sorry I don’t have any idea, but Roadrunner might after he naps off a little of that turkey.

I don’t know, but I’ll bet it’s less time than it would take me, or you, to replace it.

There is the flat rate manual time, and there is the time it actually takes. Unless you stand there and watch, you will never know how long it took. They will probably charge the flat rate manual time.

Some heater blowers are easy to get at, and some are a nightmare. You pay accordingly.

i have done two. (although not in a focus)it takes me between 8 and 10 hours to get all the way in there, and then get it put back together. i would imagine a good experienced mech could do it in less time, but the “book” time is what they go by to bill you, NOT the actual time.

Your public library should have a “Motor’s” or other flat rate manual. Just look up your car and it will give the time allowed. On my old rear drive Caprice and Imapla, I did it in 1/2 hour, since it was very accessible. Good Luck!

Thanks for all the answers. I’ll go and look at the manual as I am very interested to know how long it should take. I recently had the blower replaced in the Focus, and it was under warranty. I also had other work done, that was not covered by the warranty. They put down that it the blower took 0.6 hours, and that the other work all added up to 6 hours. It seemed to me that maybe some of the time they used to fix the blower was alotted in to the none warranty categories. The other work was brake work and a 30,000 mile check up. The mechanic said it took 2.5 for brakes, which seems reasonable and 3.5 hours for the check-up, which seemed like a long time! What are your opinions on that?

It’s a 2004 Ford Focus SE

It all sounds about right. Normally, warranty labor times are very low and actually I’m a little surprised that FOMOCO even pays a whopping .6 to replace one. Usually one can figure around an hour on average.

It really depends on the car, I removed one from my W123, lubricated the bearings, and reinstalled it in about 20 minutes. Some cars would take all weekend.