0 degrees and no heater

about 6-7 years ago my blower motor died on my 1997 mercury tracer - the dealer replaced it where i lived at the time - fast forward to january 2008 - once again it dies - at least as far as i can tell - could it be anything besides the switch, resistor, motor itself, or circuit breaker? (which i believe is the little black rectangular thing under “heater 30A” way up under my dash - that would pop out the red button like a turkey if it had tripped right?

what is it most likely to be.

dealer around where i am now wants $85 to open the hood and i have trouble stomaching that

please help! :slight_smile:

If a circuit breaker trips you can reset it, but you still want to find out why it did.

Did the heater fan speeds drop over time or simply quit at once?

You already mentioned all the components, so why not check each one?

You can bypass the switch and the resistor block by using a jumper wire direct to the motor. That will tell you if the motor works or not.

A multi-tester or continuity tester will be needed.

You can check the switch by connecting the tester to the far side of the switch and when you activate the switch you can tell if the power is going to the resistor block.

You can simply replace the resistor block too.

It flickered out but not with varying power - worked then didn’t then did for 1/2 a day then not since.

so i just find the lead going into the motor and connect both nodes to it and if light goes on it’s getting power?

i don’t know where in engine the motor is I’m guessing near the passenger compartment?

thanks for your help! i feel empowered to try one step further… if motor is dead it seems like it should be easy enough to replace…

i wonder if this is a common problem with mercury/ford? seems like a blower motor should last 35 years not 5…

thanks again!
i will post on this string again if i need more help…

After 10 years it could be the brushes on the blower motor. They’re fairly easy to replace once you get the blower motor out. I always lube the blower shaft with a drop of ATF when I’m doing this.

Of course in this day and age most people just replace the motor rather than fix it…

Why would you be taking it to a dealer? Can’t you find a local independent mechanic? They are likely to save you money.

The blower motor is behind/under the glove compartment (passenger side).

Some can be accessed from the passenger side firewall under the hood.

If you can, have a look at a Haynes repair manual written for your vehicle. In it you will see how and where it is all located and what to look for. This will make your endeaver much easier.