Headliner Replacement - Now Heating System Doesn't Work

This question is for anyone who has direct experience with - or specific knowledge of what systems could be affected by improper headliner replacement in a 2013 Ford Focus. Please - no speculation - just experience or knowledge of.

2013 Ford Focus 39,000 miles, meticulously maintained and driven regularly on short and longer trips. Had the windshield replaced due to a truck throwing a rock, cracking the windshield. Installer tore the headliner during the installation so I had it replaced at Ford dealership. Went through several iterations to get it right - phone system problems, visor problems, wrinkles and other issues. Now the heated seats don’t work and the heating system cannot be adjusted - on all the time even after manually adjusting the heating instrumentation.

It doesn’t seem like replacement of the headliner would affect the heating like this, but it all stopped working right after I finally got the car back from headliner replacement. Can the heating system in any way be affected in this situation? Thanks in advance.

The dealership screwed something up, now it’s on them to find what that was and fix it. Take it back and demand they do that!


The dealer may have caused it, but remember, just because problem 1 happened immediately after action 1 does not mean that action one caused problem one, especially if they are in unrelated systems,


Phone system? Microphone near rear view mirror? Temp sensor for climate control?

Thank you old_mopar_guy. It could be something they messed up since it is odd that the seat warmers and heating system went out at the same time. I just want to be courteous and respectful. Even though it is well maintained with low mileage, it is an older vehicle and things go out on their own at times. If you really are an old-timer maybe you’ll understand it when I say I just don’t want to march in the service area with my guns blazing like Yosemite Sam.

40+ years in the industry?? How on earth did you do it, especially as a service manager. I try to be respectful since I know there are jerks that come in demanding things when they don’t know what they are talking about. Gone are the days when you could climb in the engine compartment and tinker with the points and distributor cap!!

You’re right, oldtimer11. I’m just trying to do my homework asking my CarTalk buddies, if you don’t mind me calling you that.

Yup. Microphone just above the rearview mirror. I’ll check into the temperature sensor possibility. Good thinking.

Fuse number 85 powers the HVAC controler, heated seat switches and the compass module.

The compass module is located in the overhead console, the wiring runs up the right A-pillar. A damaged wire in the headliner or A-pillar can cause these thing to stop working.


Thank you VERY much, Nevada_545. I very much appreciate your sharing this information with me. Now I know what to tell the service manager about the problem.

I didn’t stay directly in auto service for 40 plus years. I eventually wound up as an owner of the dealership, and it then went broke, and I went into corporate finance. I’m not suited for a customer centric business since I’m not a people person. As for going in guns blazing, I’m a native of New York City, and we can be a bit rough like that.

I’m not sure many people - including those who are naturals with people - can get excited about having people beat them up verbally on a daily basis, especially when restricted by the demand they be courteous to every customer. I don’t mind being firm, yet respectful as a customer when I have to bring up a problem to those in the service industry.

You were right on the money, Nevada_545. Took it into the dealership this morning, passed on the specific information you provided and a couple hours later they had replaced Fuse number 85, checked the wires and done!!

I was very hesitant to think the HVAC and seat warmers could have been affected by replacing the headliner but they were - just like you said. Thank you again.