"tik", "tik" sound soon after (don't have to be cold start) starting the car and goes away?

I am hearing this sound but goes away making it difficult to troubleshoot.
“tik”, “tik” …
There might a vibration inside the engine compartment at the time. Doesn’t have to be a cold start. It happens at idle or low speed.
Car has 141k miles and Automatic.

The idle speed is low at times. It had threw P0505 code and I cleaned the throttle body but did not help. Air filter is 2/3 yrs old slightly dirty.

Any of you know of this?

Could be in need of a valve lash adjustment or the tik-tik is the sound of an errant spark jumping from a plug boot. The latter can be caused by a misfiring spark plug. If the spark can’t jump the plug gap it’s going to go somewhere to ground and that means plug boot to cylinder head. That would also cause an engine roughness or vibration when it happens.

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@ok4450 - great - its prob Spark plug
Valve adjustment was done recently by a reputed m/c - so unlikely.
Sparks might have been in there for 60k or more - its platinum that I put in.

Yeah, my partner reports occasional rough ride too.

It’s also possible your oil is low or needs to be changed. Have you checked it recently? When was your last oil change?

Check the plug wires while the engine is running during the night and it is dark out. You may be able to spot the sparking if there is a plug wire issue.

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Will do tanks.

@davepsinbox_157004 - oil was changed 2k mileas ago with Mobil1 - level was rechecked and fine

If the valves were recently done, it is possible that the mechanic set the lash just a bit greater than it should be. It’s hard to get it exactly right and a wise mechanic will try to err on the side of too great a gap rather than too tight. It will tick some, but after the oil is running through the engine it will quiet down. If you have Mobil1 it could be 0W-20, and oil that light will allow some valve ticking without harm. I’d go ask the mechanic what they think.

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Nope - done by a “reputed” m/c like 2yrs ago - shop is closed - otherwise, I would have ran to him.
5W30 was used and I was watching.

I have kept the prior Sparks that was in good shape - I want to put it back to see if the problem goes away.

So I changed the Sparks with good ones as stated by others

The one came out (Plat) sees good too - I need to get 2nd opinion. I did these to eliminate Sparks.

The “tik” sound or “cluck” sound seems to come once when I turn AC on. However I did not so far hear the “tik”, “tik”… sound - meaning happening multiple times one after the other. I need to wait and see.

Wondering if the sound caused by AC switch … ?

I need to check in the night for the Spark wires.

If it’s just one tick or clunk sound, and it happens when you turn on the AC, it’s the ac compressor engaging. Totally normal. I’ll bet the idle speed changes, the vibrations you feel generally change too.

How old are the spark plug wires?

Intermittently the same sound occurs in a series for a while and then stop - like “tik”, “tik”……

Original so since 1999
I have a 87 Integra with its original wires still running fine at 31 yrs of age.

I’d replace them, along with the cap and rotor if they’re also original.

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cap and rotor only has 40k miles on them - changed at 100k

Look, just yesterday you said it made this sound just once. Some of us put some effort into reading what you write and trying to help. I’ve come up with a few what I thought were reasonable replies and you have dismissed them all. So, good luck with your problem.

They are due for replacement again.

@wentwest - sorry you feel that way. This issue has been more challenging.

A m/c said do not change the Spark unless there is a misfire code. I changed it and its possible the issue is resolved - its just been 2 days.

Wires and Rotor - now that you brought it up, its on the top of my mind. Thanks

How about writing ( mechanic ) so people who don’t know what m/c means .

@VOLVO-V70 We don’t need to ask sciconf to write out his words, because you figured it out for us. :wink: