2008 Hyundai Tucson - Tik Tik Tucson

When I turn the ignition the motor starts perfectly, first crank and runs fine. But there’s a loud TIK TIK TIK that comes from the dash. It seems to come from directly behind the radio whether the radio is turned on or off, doesn’t matter. The TIKKING continues for about 2-3 minutes while I’m driving then suddenly disappears until the next time I start the car. This happens in cycles. The first time it continued for about a week then stopped happening for awhile then recurs, then stops etc. It’s been like this for the last 2-3 months and this week it’s doing it again. Any ideas what it might be? Does a tech have to remove the dash to test & diagnose?

Perhaps, but usually diagnosis cost is a flat rate in the $100-200 range depending on the shop that performs the diagnosis.
The first thing that comes to mind is an HVAC actuator, you can test this by change from heat to defrost to AC and direction of airflow, floor, dash vents, recirculate.
It is possible on startup the system is changing settings. My vehicle was (in my opinion oddly) design to go to recirculate on startup.
Though you describe the sound as a tic, it could be air in your cooling system going through the heater core.
But those are only a guesses on my part.
Please post back with the diagnosis.


Thanks very much, I’ll post back when I have it resolved.

I would have someone lift the hood and listen. The noise might be farther forward than the dash.

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My guess is he same as above, an HVAC door is sticking, but could be other possibilities: the ABS system self-test (normal); the starter motor isn’t disengaging after the engine starts (abnormal).