Click Noise when turning to the left

Hi there i am not sure of the problem i am having i notice yesterday while i was making a U turn that when i steer all the way to the left the car starts making a constant noise like click click click if i move the steerwheel a little bit to the right it stops so its only when is all the way to the left By the way the sound doesnt happen when i steer all the way to the right and i remember i install new Tie rod ends on the last maintenance but i am not sure of this sound

If it’s a front wheel drive vehicle, the noise could be from a worn outer CV-joint.


Yes it is a front drive vehicule and also i notice that when i am driving in a bad condition Road ( really bad conditon) the car also makes a very low click click from the same side

It is almost 100% definite that this is a CV joint problem, as Tester stated.