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Tiburon STRANGE noise turning right

2007 Hyundai Tiburon 150k miles. Strange rubbing/whirling noise while turning right at slow speeds and the noise speeds up after it starts.(even if I am parking and not accelerating). Only happens sometimes not always, seems like it is coming from the rear passenger. Had a wheel bearing replaced on that wheel 1.5 yrs ago. NO other noise (typically a bad wheel bearing will make a hum for awhile driving straight) so I’m stumped. Anyone have any ideas? Link below, turn volume up, louder in person than video. And yes I know I need to clean my car! Thanks in advance.

I couldn’t get your video to play but on my Tib I noticed that it’s sometimes difficult to pinpoint to source of noises unless you have someone stand outside the car as you drive by.
For myself, I recently had a “weird noise on turning” that I thought was coming from the right rear but turned out to be a front right brake dust shield that was in the process of rusting off, a fairly common problem at that age.