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2011 Elantra noise

2011 Hyundai Elantra, 42k miles. The car is my girlfriends which I drive once every few weeks. Yesterday I noticed a rumbling noise coming from the right front tire area. The noise only comes about when turning a fairly sharp left while above 20 mph. Taking a left onto a side street etc doesn’t cause any noise, but taking one while going through a big intersection etc. where the speed is up a little bit causes the noise. The tires are original, obviously not new, but they still have a decent amount of tread left on them, they’re Continental Pro Contacts.

Tire, ball-joint, brake pad rubbing are my thoughts, any other ideas? I’m going to take it to get looked at tomorrow, I just wanted to know if anybody could offer any clues before I bring it in. I did spray the area with a hose in case there was something caught in there, but that didn’t change anything. The tire looks fine, no abnormal wear or bulges, the car is in alignment and makes no other noise except in the circumstance noted.

Thanks in advance!

Growling noise?
Sounds like a bad wheel bearing.
Put the car on jackstands and spin both front tires by hand. Sometimes the bad one will feel rough when you spin the tire. Also grab the tire at the 3’ and 9’ o clock position and the 12 and 6 o clock positions, push and pull in and out. There shouldn’t be any excessive play. Sometimes, though, a bad bearing will even pass these “tests”

By the way, does it still have new car warranty?

Rumbling noise on right side when turning left? I concur with db4690, that does sound like a wheel bearing on the frizt. Esp if the noise could be described as “growling” when going a little faster. Unusual at 42K, but certainly possible. Could be something simple like a rock caught up in the brake hardware too. If front wheel drive, a worn CV joint is an unlikely cause, but should be considered. Make sure the CV boots on that side are both in good shape and not split.