"thunk" sound from rear axle are intermittently (at 60-70 mph) on 2012 Camry hybrid

I have an intermittent “thunk” coming from the rear of my car (nothing in the trunk) at 60-70 mph. I replaced a rear wheel bearing about 9 months ago. Dealer unable to determine the cause.

Could be a worn suspension bushing or link, or problematic strut, broken spring etc. Do any of the following have any effect?

  • Rapid accelerations
  • Rapid stops
  • Turning
  • Going over a bump
  • Coasting vs in Drive.

Could be a rock stuck in one of the rear wheels too. Ask shop to remove back wheels and check. Ask them to check for any unusual tread patterns as well. How many miles on your Camry?

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Since this may be a problem with the rear suspension, I would look for an independent shop that will have a mechanic take a ride with you in order for you to demonstrate the problem, or is willing to have a mechanic to test drive the car.
You might have a problem with a tire, have you totaled the tires?
If the the problem remains in the rear, it is not the tires.

Did you mean “rotated the tires”?

I wouldn’t expect a tire rotating at 600 rpms to make an intermittent “thunk” sound.

Popping sounds from the sunroof are often mistaken for rear suspension noise. Getting someone to make the car silent can be a challenge.

Yep, fat fingers plus spellcheck, plus poor proof reading on my part!

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I was thinking a tire defect that might be heard only at that speed. I had a belted bias ply tire that the belt slipped, car would wobble at speeds of 35-40 MPH, did not happen above or below that speed.