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Thumping noise

What would be the cause of a thumping noise coming from the right rear (pasenger side)side of the SUV. As I speed up is gets louder and faster. Check the tire it looks ok. Didn’t check the other side of it.

There’s no such thing as a noise like that that couldn’t turn out to be dangerous. So you should really just take it someplace for a look. You can’t always “see” tire issue, especially just on a casual look in the driveway. If you know how to change a flat safely you could swap that rear tire to the other side or the front to see if the noise moves with the tire.

Another thing that will thump/thump with the speed of the car is a bad wheel bearing - and if its thumping rather than roaring then you’re near fairly bad trouble. I’d advise that your next trip in it is directly to a good, local, tire/alignment shop.

is your suv front wheel drive or all wheel drive and does it happen only when you turn??? if it is front wheel drive or have all wheel drive it could be a cv joint or the maybe you have some bad bushings on the suspension will cause some thumpin but a rought ride also

It is all wheel drive, and it only happens went I am going foward. When ever I turned there is no noise. The thumping begins at about 20mph, at 55mph it will get more intense and shake a bit.

If turning changes or eliminates the noise this is often a good indicator of a bad wheel bearing. And if its thumping and shaking you shouldn’t be driving on it.