Loud thudding from rear of my 2001 Mazda Miata MX-5

there’s a loud thudding sound coming from the rear right wheel at high speeds on my miata.

Inspect rear suspension components.

Rotate the tires and see if the thumping moves.

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If it never changes pitch then suspect a bad wheel bearing.I had many of them go bad over the years on my old miata. Sold the car a long time ago

It’s probably the tire. I had a new tire do it and they could find nothing wrong with the tire. It only did it intermittently and now has not done it in some months. I still think it is the tire. So sorry to bring you such ambiguous message. It could be something else sure–but tires do it frequently.

Check the lug nuts, right now. Now this weekend, now!

My guess is some sort of tire problem. OP could inspect for unusual tread pattern developing. Swapping the suspect tire to another location to see if the noise follows would likely provide some concrete clues. Since the tire has to be jacked up anyway, that’s a good time to manually rotate the wheel, checking for weird wheel bearing noises. Likewise a good time to check for bearing axial play.

I went to see the dealership about it; said it’s the rear brake rotors making that noise. I suspect the rear differential because at high speeds especially on cruise control when I let off the accelator, I hear a loud popping noise?

Rotate them again?

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i trust the mechanic torqued them down properly! i’ll call you when i lose control of the vehicle as result of the tire coming off!

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