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Camry Shaking

Our 1995 Toyota Camry shakes and makes a loud rattling noise while driving, but not every time I drive the car. The rear seat of the vehicle, especially feels the shake. The rear tires have been replaced and aligned, but still the shake/noise persists. Our mechanic has not been able to recreate the noise. It has occurred in the winter and summer with or without the heater and/or air conditioning on or off. Sometimes the shaking is so severe, I am afraid of what will happen, but I will stop at the next light, sit for a minute or two, and when the light turns green, the car goes, no shaking involved - everything is fine. I typically drive in town so speed is only 45 mph or less. The car has only 137,000 miles, and is well-maintained. Please help. Thank you.

Have someone inspect the rear lateral links.

There’s four of these links and two are adjustable as seen in link above so rear toe can be adjusted.

The bushings in these links can wear out to where the rear tires to longer track straight down the road. And if worn bad enough the tires can start to shake in rear.


Here’s a few more ideas to ask your mechanic to check. 1. Check to make the rear wheel is properly mated to the hub, and the lug nuts are tightened to the correct torque; 2. Check for failing rear wheel bearings; 3. Check for a loose cat heat shield.