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Throttle Body

My V8 4.7 Tundra has stalled on three different occasions when I come to a stop light. The Dealership wants to install a new Throttle Body. I want to try cleaning it first, but the Dearlership stated that I cannot move the plate or I could cause more damage. I have looked at blogs and forums and I can’t seem to find any informations that tell me I can’t move the plate. Does it have to do with the EFI? What is right?


What Is The Model-Year Of This 4.7L V-8, Toyota Tundra ? Sometimes It Matters When Seeking Answers.


It is a 2001 SR5 four door with TRD package…

Not familiar with your vehicle, but I am guessing that it is drive-by-wire. Those are really not owner-servicable, which is why the dealer is telling you not to touch it.

If it were mine, I would probably take their advice and not manhandle the butterfly valve, but I would sure try spraying some carb cleaner through it if I could get to it. On my cars, you have to pull off the intake manifold and dismantle it to get to it, and you need a factory calibration tool to re-assemble it.

You can easily remove clean the throttle body, I’ve done this many times on my own truck, same as yours. Remove the tube and hold the butterfly valve open with a plastic handled screwdriver or a dowel and use throttle body cleaner and rags, q-tips, etc. Go to the tundrasolutions website and search for throttle body cleaning.