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Throttle body cleaning

Got an old well running 2001 Ford Taurus. The manufacturer says that throttle body should not be cleaned due to a special coating that is applied to the throttle body from factory. On my car I cleaned it anyway. If it comes back then it comes back to me. I believe there are mechanics that overlook this and clean them any ways. If I was to be doing this on someone else’s vehicle would you recommend cleaning or replacing?

Just use the proper product.


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I used to clean my throttle body with a product you spray while the engine is running, but I’ve never disassembled it for cleaning, and I stopped cleaning my throttle that way when I had the head gasket replaced.

When my mother’s old ‘02 Sienna had a sticky throttle, we let the dealership disassemble, clean, and reassemble the throttle body. You don’t mess with a sticky throttle.

So if you’re going to go against what your owner’s manual recommends for your throttle, my advice is to practice stopping and pulling over like you would if you had a stuck throttle:

  1. Shift to neutral. (Your engine will scream. Let it.)

  2. Pull over.

  3. Shut off the engine.

If you use actual THROTTLE BODY CLEANER there is nothing wrong with it and will make it at the very least idle better . DO NOT USE JUST CARBURATOR cleaner , this will take off that coating and will cause problems !!!.

If you do it this way it will be safe. IT’s the proper way to clean the throttle body of the Taurus.