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High idle after throttle body clean

I was trying to clean my mother’s throttle body because she her 2009 has only 80k and she never exceeds 40mph. Anyway. I say a YouTube video showing me to just turn the electronics on, press on the gas pedal, and the plate will open to be cleaned. Well I did so by spraying some throttle body cleaner on a rag and just rubbing everything down. Now my car is idling high. About 1,000 at a stoplight and about 1,300 in park. Did I damage something or will it return to normal eventually? Thank you for any help

Take a close look at the throttle body to see if it needs more cleaning. You may have moved the crud around and deposited it in a worse location than you found it.

One issue I have is the plate does not open completely horizontal. It’s at an angle which I can barely fit my finger into. I don’t know, does a throttle plate not need to open all the way because it’s a small engine? It’s been a long g since I used to work on my 2002 mustang, but things have changed since then and I’ve forgotten things I used to know. I would not hesitate to rip the TB out of the mustang. What dangers are there to just take an ETB out apart from many damaging a hose? I have a new gasket to replase the old one. I saw a video is someone who took it out and just sprayed the shit out of it avoiding the electrical components.i

I had a Nissan that required that you reprogram the throttle body after after cleaning.

Check with your Owners Club Help Site to see if that’s the case for you.

That’s actually a common scenario for many brands

you need to reset the PCM . It still thinks the throttle body is dirty . Eventually it will figure it out but may take 5 or 10 driving cycles . Better to try and find the fuse that feeds the pcm than to pull the battery .Leave the fuse out 30 minutes to make sure . Make sure all switches and fans are shutoff before doing this .

Reprogram or reset, or is there a difference. Do I have to go to a mechanic or can I use one of the machines they have at the auto stores?


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Good explanation .

Is there any real difference in removing an electronic throttle body as opposed to a cable throttle body apart from having to remove the cable? because if I didn’t get all the debris out of there that’s because my fingers wouldn’t fit and I still won’t be able to even if I try it again.

You can also disconnect the battery for a few minutes to reset the computer.
You’ll need to set the clock and radio presets etc.

And the engine may not start because the anti-theft system may think you’re trying to steal the vehicle.


Try using a soft toothbrush.

Not an issue with his Toyota, unless he has an aftermarket alarm system.

So I just did this yesterday and I have the exact same issue my aunts throttle body was really dirty and filled with carbon we realized that the people who own the vehicle before us readjusted the position of the wires so you might want to check that see if that might be the issue we repositioned the wires for the throttle body and it was fine her car after we cleaned it revd at 5,000 and stayed there