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Cleaing butterfly valve for a sticking gas pedal

I was told that in order to fix a sticking gas pedal all I need to do is take off the rubber hose and wipe of were the butterfly vlve is am I right . I just dont wont to get in there and mess anything up its a 2000 ford explorer v6 sohc

You really need to stick with only one thread. Once you post a question, go back to your original post. If you can’t find it, use the search feature.

Go to an auto parts store and get a can of “throttle body cleaner.” Pull of the big black intake tube. Spray a bunch of the cleaner all over inside of the throttle body at the butterfly valve. Use a soft rag to wipe it out. Open up the valve and also spray and wipe inside of the throttle body and the back of the throttle plate. Spray and wipe it out. Spray and wipe it out.

This may or may not fix a sticking gas pedal.

When you first start the car after this it may run a little rough and smoke for a minute - if so, it is just the cleaner that ended up down in the intake being burned off. Its not a problem.

As I mentioned in the other post, I did this very same thing to my 2000 Ford Explorer 4.0L SOHC V6. I used a throttle body cleaner like cigroller mentions, and used a clean rag to rub out the deposits that were making the throttle plate stick. The deposits made a ‘lip’ right where the throttle plate rests on the bottom of the bore. There is not supposed to be a ‘lip’ there, just smooth bore. I cleaned out the back side of the throttle plate by opening the throttle and spraying and wiping. I did not need to remove the throttle body assembly to do it.

If you do remove the throttle body assembly, make sure you have new gaskets before reassembling. A leak here will set a trouble code.

Good Luck.

So I dont not really need to remove the throttle body assembly to clean it…Because if I do I would have to replace the gasket right… So all I really need to do is remove the rubber hose and clean the butterfly valve

If the butterfly is sticking in the bore, the throttle-body is worn out and needs to be replaced…In a perfect world, the throttle-plate does not touch the bore…

Yes, both sides are reachable THRU the open butterfly valve. You need to clean both sides. Sorry that was not clear before. I have fixed a lot of them this way. You’ll see the deposits as soon as you have the big hose off. Get the recommended spray cleaner and go for it. That’s what they make it for.

Wouldn’t cleaning help it because… it just sticks a little bit from idle but when am up to speed it doesn’t stick

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Cleaning can very well help this problem but Caddyman is correct about the possibility of throttle plate contact with the throttle body bore.
In that case, no amount of cleaning will help. It’s fixable; just not with cleaner.

Odds are cleaning will help but in case it doesn’t you need to remember that comment.