Thoughts, please: 2015 Toyota RAV4

please list any pro and cons that may be helpful, looking into purchasing one. i appreciate you honest info.

You’d better be sure you like it, 'cause you’re going to have it for a long time.
As with any used vehicle, be sure it gets a thorough checkup. With used cars, condition is everything.

Here is one con: The RAV4 has the lowest rating for the passenger-side small frontal overlap crash test of any vehicle in its class. Toyota did not reinforce the passenger side, just the driver’s side. Here’s another safety tidbit. Active safety including automatic emergency braking became standard on RAV4 just after the 2015 model year. If I were shopping, I’d look for that technology.

Here is one pro: The RAV4 on sale new today is basically unchanged since 2015 (aside fro mthe standard safety stuff added in '16). The all-new RAV4 does not launch until September as a 2019 model year vehicle. Still, people love it and it is the second vehicle in its class in terms of sales and beats the CR-V, which was redesigned last year.

I think you may have come to us via CarComplaints. The RAV4 has a very low amount of customer complaints on the 2015 RAV4. Chek it our here if interested. If you do buy it, make sure the two recalls were performed if your particular one was included.

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