Toyota Rav 4 Reviews

Hello! I’m looking into buying a new car in the near future and wondering what people think of the Rav 4? Good? Bad? Thanks!!

The new Rav4 is a crossover vehicle. It used to be a car-based SUV. When it was a car-based SUV, I thought it was a nice vehicle. Now, it’s just a minivan with a long nose, just like the Honda CR-V. If you’re considering a new Rav4, make sure you also test drive a Sienna minivan. Siennas are probably easier to maneuver and park.

?? The Rav4 is waaay smaller than a Sienna (200" vs 180"). Sure you’re not thinking about the Highlander?

The CR-V and Subaru Forester are 2 others to consider. If you want awd, I’d get the Forester, if not, either of the other 2. The V6 is available in the Rav4, making for a pretty fast vehicle while still getting decent mpgs.

Also consider the Chevy Equinox. It has the best highway mileage of all the small SUVs, and it gets good ratings from the folks that test lots of cars. If you like something a little more box-like, the GMC Terrain is essentially the same vehicle.

The RAV and CRV rank as an outstanding vehicles that are not minivans. They have sufficient ground clearance to qualify them as such. AWD makes these vehicles along with their direct competition, as close to all round vehicles as you can get. I agree with “Tex”, we may be confusing them with the Hylander and Pilot. The customer satisfaction ratings by CR are in general, outstanding on these types or vehicles, especially on the RAV. We have the older model. It’s much less refined then the new, but is still excellent. You will not regret buying one IMO.

The Stuff Myths Are Made Of :
"The RAV and CRV ranks as an outstanding vehicles that are not minivans. "
"You will not regret buying one IMO. "


Thank you myth buster. Peoples opinions are now myths. I feel so controlled by the free market experience. ;=( Things could be so much different if My handle was, “definitive answer man”.

Also check out the mazda cx-7 and soon to be released cx-5