Thoughts about my KIA SORENTO

Community here is a letter I sent to my local Kia dealer after a different Kia dealer gave me conflicting info… What should my next move be? I don’t expect them to be truthful.^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Mr Adams,
Yesterday Nov 22, 2021 you informed me that my (2017 Kia Sorento VIN: 5XYPH4A5XHG******** has an Intermediate steering shaft that is worn, and a “major” oil leak, requiring 2,820 dollars to be repaired. This is HIGHLY concerning to me. So I am asking that you please take a moment to respond to this email and explain what damage, if any, is being done as I drive my vehicle in this condition. A two thousand plus repair is not something that I can just get done on a whim. Is my vehicle safe to transport my family in?? Will the steering shaft become a serious issue? IS there a timetable I can focus on to get these repairs done?

As I mentioned to you earlier last week, Kia of Greenville SC explicitly told me my vehicle steering column noise was directly related to a vehicle campaign covered by Kia, and made no mention of a serious oil leak. I know you cannot speak for them but I’m sure you can appreciate my concern with getting a completely different diagnosis from your service dept.

I look forward to hearing from you, my investment in this vehicle and more importantly the safety of my family is paramount.

Also can you explain what "one time use’’ parts are? And why would a vehicle be sold with such parts??

Your next move depends on the answers to the following questions:

  1. How many miles are on this vehicle right now?
  2. Did you buy this vehicle new or used?
  3. Have you brought the vehicle in for service to repair any steering problems or oil leaks while the bumper-to-bumper warranty was still in effect?

If the answer to #2 is that you are the original owner, then the powertrain warranty may cover engine repairs due to oil leaks/oil consumption. If the answer to #3 is yes, then you may be entitled to a warranty repair–even though the warranty itself is now expired–due to the legal premise of an “ongoing warranty issue”.

In response to your other question, “one time use” parts would typically include seals, gaskets, certain hoses, and things of that nature. If the engine must be disassembled, certain bolts are considered “one time use” and must be replaced with new ones.

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Did they replace the steering shaft or did you pick up the vehicle before the repairs could be made?

The oil leak will continue to stain your parking space however if you did not notice this major leak, maybe it is not much of a leak. Do you add oil between oil changes? Does this vehicle leave a mess in parking spots?

As for the safety of your family, the airbags and seat belts will operate as designed.

No …Greenville did not do the repairs because they didn’t have the parts and I couldn’t wait, I was passing through. Also, no I have not had to add oil in between oil changes. Lastly, I don’t see any strain on the ground, not once.

75,400 is mileage,… I bought it used in SC… I live in GA. They have done all my oil changes, and only now they bring up oil leaks.

So your car is out of warranty. Any leak you have is minor since it does not leave puddles under it and you don’t have to regularly add oil. (check it every gas stop, though!) Not an issue, safe to drive.

From what I read, the steering shaft is an issue that must be replaced as soon as possible.


there is a recall for this but it is for the 2018 year kia

these are for your vehicle.

2017 Kia Sorento Recalls |

There are no recalls for steering, but there are several technical service bulletins. Search for them at Click on “recall” and search with your VIN. TSBs are available as well. Just page down until you can select them and then check the ones related to steering.

It’s not that unusual to have to replace steering linkage components. Whenever you go around corners fast, hit a pothole while turning, etc, that stress quite a few of the car’s parts, including the steering linkage. It’s not necessary to use a dealership for this sort of repair, standard stuff that most independent shops do all the time. If you aren’t happy w/the dealership shop, ask your friends, coworkers, etc who they use tofix their cars, then interview and get quotes from a couple of them. That’s the only way to know if the quote you are given is accurate & price competitive. Sort of like buying potato chips, visit a few stores and buy a name brand you like where they’re the best price, and the retailer has good customer service.

As far as the “major oil leak”, hard to say what to do about that until we know where the leak is occurring. Shops don’t like working on cars with oil leaks b/c it makes the engine compartment so messy and slippery. A very common place for oil to spring a leak is the valve cover gasket. Is that what they intend to replace to fix the leak? If not that, what?

Monitor your oil level/usage to determine if there is a serious oil leak.