2020 Kia Sorento steering wheel

Steering wheel tends to pull to the right and left. Understand from reading owner reviews that the steering wheel can lock and cause accidents. Auto lane correction green warning light illuminates.

I’m going to assume you weren’t drifting from your lane at the time? A 2020 should be a new vehicle, no? Take it back to the dealer and tell the service dept. what’s happening. There could be a firmware update or something similar, or there could be a fairly serious problem. Whatever else happens you’ll be on record as having reported the problem in case it becomes an issue.

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Thank you for your response. Scheduled to visit the dealership on Wednesday. I’ve already informed him of the issue. I’m thinking of just trading it in. I’ve only had it for approximately 3 weeks with 518 miles. When you start out having issues with a vehicle that could be a sign to get rid of it. I transport my grandson and this does not make me feel safe having him in my vehicle. Take care and stay safe.

I wouldn’t trade it in. You won’t come close to recouping your investment. However, if the dealership offers a return period you might take advantage of it. Many vehicles have “teething pains.” A friend bought a new Mazda 3 a few years ago and fairly soon the manual transmission started leaking oil. The dealership made it right under warranty and AFAIK she hasn’t had any further problems. Wait and see what the dealer does for you and if you’re still not happy there should be a number in your Owner’s Manual for Kia corporate. You might also want to look into “lemon laws” in your state in case you don’t get satisfaction from Kia.

Will call the service department tomorrow and ask some questions and see what they say. If it’s okay with you I’ll reach out to you with an update. While checking online I was unable to locate any recall data reference that issue. With all the new technology today it’s a daunting task trying to purchase a new vehicle. My last vehicle was a brand new 2001 Dodge Dakota Quad Cab. It died in August 2020.

Of course it’s okay. Bear in mind I’m not a mechanic so take my advice with a grain of salt. I understand about new technology. My car is a 2009 Corolla and it hardly has any technology by today’s standards. Compared to what I drive my wife’s 2016 Hyundai Tucson feels like the Space Shuttle. :wink:

Does this car have lane-keeping assist? Are you describing that this system is steering you back into the lane? If so, I hate to ask this, but are you sure you’re not drifting out of the lane when you drive? Is there another driver in your family who can test out the car and see if he or she gets the same result?

If the auto lane correct annoys you, switch it off, then you can drive over the lines without the steering wheel twitching.