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2017 Kia Sorento stiff steering

Hi Car Talk, appreciate your columns. My wife has had a 2017 Kia Sorento (2x2), for about a year. Miles are about 30k. She’s been telling me lately that at speeds around 60-65 mph, that she’s experiencing steering wheel “lock up”; and needs to use a lot of force to correct direction. She showed me, on line, some similar owner situations. Truth is, I’m the reason God invented mechanics, but I don’t know which direction to take. Would hate to lose an otherwise great vehicle. Have you heard about this?

Sounds like a problem with the electric power steering. This is a safety issue that should be taken very seriously by the Kia dealer since it is under warranty AND a safety issue. Report it as well to NHTSA and let the dealer know you have done this. Keep on them to make this right.

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There is a steering issue on your wife’s car and you are concerned about losing a great VEHICLE?


I couldn’t help but notice that too :wink: I expect it is sort of like when you thank everybody in the family for something, and you also thank your dog for his support, then you remember you forgot to thank your wife so you have to thank her after already thanking the dog … lol …

As far as the steering problem, could be a lot of things. Has the vehicle ever been in an accident or even just knocked into a curb pretty hard? If so, something in the steering parts might be bent. Common sense says to verify the battery and charging system are working correctly before assuming it is something else. Steering alignment, especially improper toe, can cause weird symptoms like this sometimes.