Steering coupler is loose

I was informed that the steering coupler is loose on my 2017 Kia Sorento, during a routine safety inspection it was discovered. It almost unnoticeable click in the steering column. Anyone know ANYTHING about this, before I head to dealership??

Firestone (who reported it to me)… Says a two hour job, and maybe dealership may get it repaired for less!!! Imagine that…

I would not trust a Firestone diagnosis on a car this old you need to find a good independent mechanic to diagnose and possibly fix what ever the problem might be and not a dealer who will be more expensive.

Kia under warrany even if you bought it used… common problem on some Kias and Hyundais. Should be covered by the warranty. Go to the dealer.


Try Googling Kia tsb number CHA 091, might be helpful.

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This car is already over 4 years old and on its second owner, I’m not sure this would be covered anymore.

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Kia’s warranty is 5 yrs./60k bumper-to-bumper to the second and subsequent owners. As long as you’re within that window, take it to the dealer.