2019 Kia Sorento - Leaking oil, but OK to drive?

My car is leaking some oil Kis advisor told me they dont have the part i can drive only thing i need made sure check the oil to no damage the engine what can i do on this case

How many miles are on the vehicle??
Are you having this done under factory warranty??

If not under OEM warranty, then take it to an independent auto shop and see what they say…

Keep a very close eye on the engine oil level and add as needed until the leak is repaired…

If the dealership is unable to obtain the needed part, and they advise you to just drive the car, frequently checking and topping off the oil lever instead, there’s not much else you can do. Its not their fault the part is unavailable. Since you are relying that their work-a-round is a reasonable alternative, suggest to obtain their instructions in writing. If they refuse, write them a letter stating what you believe their instructions are, and asking them to clarify (in writing) if they disagree. Note that you may later need some sort of proof you mailed this letter to them, e.g.

  • Send a copy to neutral 3rd party.
  • Enclose a SASE asking them to acknowledge receipt.
  • Registered mail methods
  • Metered mail methods

The latter two aren’t quite a good b/c all they do is prove you mailed a letter, the first two offer up some proof what it says.