This was not Ford's finest hour

Compare the lives of two of the worlds greatest boxers.
Max Schmeling, Hitler’s favorite boxer, after retiring from the ring, was awarded a Cocoa-Cola franchise for all of West Germany, died rich at 99.
Joe Lewis, America’s favorite boxer for a time, after retiring from the ring, denied ownership of a Ford dealership due to his skin color, died broke and ill at 66.
Schmeling, God bless him, paid for Lewis’ funeral.

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Lewis and Schmeling were actually friends. Not only did Schmeling pay for the funeral, but he was also one of the pallbearers. Ford was also very Antisemitism.

Ford hated the Jews also so stick your cars

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Henry was definitely a racist, but I still prefer Blue Oval vehicles.

Yes , Henry Ford was a jerk . But not really unusual for the time period . While not fair a black person with a Ford delership could cause the Ford company backlash. History has a lot of things that were just not right.

I would not provide a dollar in revenue to the family oh that piece of garbage

Henry Ford didn’t perpetrate this by himself.

You could probably find something about any family or corporation that would make you want to avoid the product. The thing to concentrate on now is what the business that employee’s people in your area is doing in your community .


I dont think anyone in my community is employed by that company

So, the black woman salesperson that I dealt with should not have sold my Mustang and received her commission on the sale?


She can work wherever she likes, and you can drive whatever you like.

It’s easy to look back on things like this and wonder how they got away with things like that, but we’re trying to use today’s values on yesteryear’s values, and that just doesn’t work a lot of the time. Just think about some of the jokes we thought were funny when we were younger that would get us beat up in the streets if we told them today.


Of course, some people would insist that so-called “political correctness” is to blame, and instead, they are relying on what they believe to be their “right to deride” folks whose race/religion/nationality/sexuality they dislike.


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No surprise.