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RIP Carol Shelby

For those who have not heard, Carol Shelby passed away today at the RIPE age of 89… A True Car guy whose presence will be felt for many years to come (IE the new VIPER)… He is was a Self made man, and made an impact… RIP

An automotive legend…We will miss him…

It was his good fortune to live that long. It was our good fortune he lived that long, too.

What we know of his story was an inspiration. Resilient, hardly ever seemed to whine about the breaks he was given, an avid contributor to charities that helped many people, and good at what he did.

The courage to live,embodied in Carrol Shelby-kevin

A true “larger than life” character. No doubt someone will write a novel using him as a main character.

Goodbye Carroll. Thanks for your significant additions to automotive history.

“hardly ever seemed to whine about the breaks he was given,”

That’s the description of almost every winner. It doesn’t matter how many times you fail, just keep plugging. He was quoted as saying that over 300 of is projects failed. But he and a few that were great successes.

Sadly, he’s passed away.
Fortunately, he’ll live on for many more years in the rich legacy he’s left us. I doubt seriously if he’d want us to mourn. I’ll bet he’d want us to enjoy his many gifts to us. Long after I’ve expired the Shelby Cobra will live on as a classic.

I read a story about him recently. He was a slick guy. When the original Shelby Cobra came out, he had it painted a different color for different photo shoots so everyone would think he had more than one. The original still exists unmolested, and they claim that in a chip in the rear end you can see all the different colored layers of paint.